Легко и просто. Кран с грузовым моментом 3,3 тм и дистанционным управлением, имеет сертификат СЕ.

Для грузовых автомобилей общего назначения, работающих с грузами средней тяжести, идеально подходит модель HIAB T-HIDUO 038. При возможности установки двух, трех или четырех гидравлических удлинителей кран может выпускать стрелу на 7,2 метра, а его грузоподъемность составляет 2,3 тонны на близком расстоянии. При данных характеристиках кран идеально подходит для работы с тяжелым садовым оборудованием, оборудованием среднего размера и строительными материалами.


  • Constantly exposed to the elements, your crane needs the best in surface protection. HIAB nDurance is the industry’s most effective high-tech painting system, with a technologically advanced and environmentally sound process based on nanotechnology and e-coating. Your crane’s parts are first shielded by an ultra-thin nanoceramic layer that prevents corrosion. Afterwards they receive a lacquer polymer e-coating and a durable powder coating, which create stunning good looks that will last your crane’s lifetime.
  • Your T-series crane is available with three different control systems. If you choose the HiDuo* system, you also get SmartControl. Besides adding stability logic, a high-boom warning and other safety features, SmartControl allows several crane movements to be performed simultaneously. For example, your crane can be turned while deploying the extensions at the same time, which brings your load more quickly to the place where you need it.
  • HybridDrive from HIAB combines operating flexibility with economy that benefits the environment. The T-series crane can perform a number of lifts while the engine is off, which allows a certain amount of loading or offloading with no fuel consumption, no emissions and minimal noise.
  • CastBase from HIAB is your assurance of a durable, well-sealed crane mounting. When the base of your crane is cast instead of shielded by a plastic cover, it forms a tight barrier that keeps air and moisture out. That means the quality of your lubricant is maintained for longer, which in turn means trouble-free ownership and a crane that is always ready to go.
  • The HIAB HiDuo remote control system is trusted by operators for its responsiveness and reliability. Operated by lever or joystick, its HIAB XSDrive controller provides easy access to 24 proportional functions and seven on/off functions. HIAB HiDuo allows several actions simultaneously, and it has a built-in intelligence system for safe and effective load handling. It also offers Automatic Speed Control (ASC), which increases capacity without stopping or any action from the operator.
  • HIAB loader cranes are built to perform, with strong materials and a quality of workmanship no other supplier can match. And because we build them with care, we stand behind them with confidence. Today all HIAB cranes come with a two-year standard warranty that applies to all components. Not only does it cover the parts you expect, it also covers the following wear parts: • Painting • Seals (both internal and external) • Flexible hoses

Характеристики HIAB T-HIDUO 038

Technical infoT-HiDuo 038-2T-HiDuo 038-3T-HiDuo 038-4
Control System HiDuo HiDuo HiDuo
Hydraulic Extension Outreach (m) 3.6 m 4.8 m 6 m
Manual Extension Outreach (m) 6 m 7.2 m 7.2 m
Weight (kg) 300 kg 340 kg 380 kg

Техническая информация HIAB T-HIDUO 038



Видео HIAB T-серия

Видео HIAB T-Duo vs T-HiDuo


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Hiab — мировой лидер в области оборудования для дорожных погрузо-разгрузочных операций. Наша первоочередная задача — удовлетворение требований клиентов. Ассортимент нашей продукции включает краны-манипуляторы HIAB, краны для лесозаготовительных работ и переработки JONSERED, краны для лесозаготовительных работ LOGLIFT, навесные вилочные погрузчики MOFFETT и сменные крюковые погрузчики MULTILIFT, а также гидроборта DEL, WALTCO и ZEPRO. Компания Hiab входит в состав Cargotec Corporation.