Ready to work. A CE marked remotely controlled 18 tm crane.

Expert control of your crane means safety, efficiency and ultimately better business. HIAB Z-HIPRO 191 is fitted with the HIAB V200 valve for the smoothest and most precise operation possible. HIAB Z-HIPRO 191 fold up into the minimum possible amount of space. Moreover, it is licensed to meet new European regulations staying within the truck dimensions when folded - with standard bucket attached.


  • HIAB HiPro is the most advanced remote control system in the industry. With a high flow of oil that allows many simultaneous movements, it ensures the highest speed and precision – for the greatest productivity. HIAB HiPro has Automatic Speed Control (ASC), which increases capacity without stopping or any action from the operator. Pump Flow Distribution (PFD) distributes the oil evenly in proportion to control movements, ensuring supersmooth operation without sudden load accelerations.
  • HIAB loader cranes are built to perform, with strong materials and a quality of workmanship no other supplier can match. And because we build them with care, we stand behind them with confidence. Today all HIAB cranes come with a two-year standard warranty that applies to all components. Not only does it cover the parts you expect, it also covers the following wear parts: • Painting • Seals (both internal and external) • Flexible hoses
  • A three-point bridge reduces stress on the truck chassis by minimizing interference with the chassis mobility. This is true not only during lifting, but also when the vehicle is being driven, which prolongs service life and ensures smooth and comfortable driving.

Характеристики HIAB Z-HIPRO 191

Technical infoZ-HIPRO 191 C-84
Control System HiPro
Manual Extension Outreach (m) 8.4 m
Weight (kg) 2335 kg

Техническая информация HIAB Z-HIPRO 191




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Hiab — мировой лидер в области оборудования для дорожных погрузо-разгрузочных операций. Наша первоочередная задача — удовлетворение требований клиентов. Ассортимент нашей продукции включает краны-манипуляторы HIAB, краны для лесозаготовительных работ и переработки JONSERED, краны для лесозаготовительных работ LOGLIFT, навесные вилочные погрузчики MOFFETT и сменные крюковые погрузчики MULTILIFT, а также гидроборта DEL, WALTCO и ZEPRO. Компания Hiab входит в состав Cargotec Corporation.