ZEPRO’s slider range ZT/ZTS is specifically conceived for installation under semi-trailers. Lifting capacity of 1500kg, 2000kg and 2500kg can be offered for these models.

This is essentially a normal tail lift which is attached to an in/out slider system which allows the lift to be moved from its stowed position to the working position and back again. In order to take as little overhang space in the stowed position the platform folds. The sliding system has a hydraulic motor driving 2 sprockets which rotate and run under the slide profiles guided by simple, sturdy chains. Hence the driving force is spaced out to two points wide of the centre-line.

This enables a smooth in/out movement avoiding the uneven ‘chest of drawers’ effect associated with centrally positioned cylinders. The lifting arms are positioned in order to move in the space between the semi-trailer profiles in the vast majority of cases on the market. The sliding profiles themselves attach to the flange of the chassis with screw-on clamps which allow very rapid installation.
Single folding platforms can be ordered in various lengths and widths. The length of the first part affects the overhang that the lift requires under the truck and the length of the folding part has to be adapted to the installation situation eg. if it is too long, there may not be space under the body/chassis for it to foldout. For 1500kg and 2000kg models both parts of the folding platform are made of aluminium. This gives low weight and makes the manual folding operation (which is also spring-assisted) less demanding from and to the stowed position.

For the heavy duty model, the 2500kg, we offer steel first part only due to the particularly high working loads required. The folding part is of aluminium.

Standard widths are 2350mm, 2450 mm and 2530 mm. The load centre on the platform is 750 mm.

The range is split into two sub-groups the ZT and ZTS. The difference being the overhang required for positioning of the lift. In general ZTS is more popular for insulated bodies with greater distance between the chassis and the floor. The ZT is more often chosen when overhang is limited. See our datasheets for detailed geometric information of the various models.

Both the ZT and ZTS are available with 1 single arm length allowing lifting heights up to 1400mm.

ZEPRO has always offered hydraulic units positioned inside of the support frame. This is the best way of protecting the critical components which drive the hydraulics. The sliders adopt the same design philosophy and hence have a low noise profile and renowned reliability due to very low frequency of component failure.

There are however a great many accessories which are compatible with this model. Many of these can either be installed at the factory or after the lift is already in service. Read more in the accessories section.

As with other ZEPRO models, if 5 units or more are ordered you may choose special painting in the RAL colour of your choice. In the case of this model the platform and the main frame components which are the most visible are painted in the special colour.

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